Deciding to sell can sometimes be the challenge. Different factors play into the decision. Essentially, there are just four factors;  Family, Occupation, Recreation and Dreams. Use this worksheet to determine if selling, at this time, is for you. We can review your completed form to assist in your best course of action.

• Has your family outgrown the existing home?

• Can you renovate your existing home to increase the home’s size? Will the renovation add or detract from the home’s neighbourhood?

• Is your home too large for your current needs?

• Has a member of the family been transferred? Across town? To another province? To another country? (Professional REALTORS® align themselves with a wide network of world-wide talent. Ask your REALTOR® to refer you).

• Do your family’s recreational needs meet your current neighbourhood’s offering?

• Does your existing home’s amenities meet your current wants, needs and dreams?

If your decision is to sell, you need to discuss the six factors affecting your sale with your REALTOR®. An understanding of what the current market climate is coupled with your specific needs, will quickly allow both of you to formulate a strategy.

Timing, Competition, Price, Condition, Financing and Marketing all need to be discussed in an effort to arrive at a plan with which you both feel comfortable. Many sellers focus on how much it will cost to sell their home and many REALTOR® focus on the commission they will receive. You both will need to come to an agreement of how the six factors will complement each other at this point in time. It may be that the market climate will dictate a quick sale, resulting in substantially fewer costs for the REALTOR®. In that case, the REALTOR® may be willing to share the savings by lowering the commission charged. Conversely, the market climate may be poor, resulting in a lengthy time on the market at the price you wish to ask. In that case, the outlay in expenses the REALTOR® bears may be too great to offer you a break in the commission, or the REALTOR® could walk away from the final transaction at a loss.

Commission Break-Down:

The amount charged is typically based upon the six factors to sale and how they are operating in the market you choose to enter. With any financial investment proper planning and perseverance will result in a positive outcome. A word of caution: if your REALTOR® starts the job by cutting fees to himself, how effectively a negotiator will he be when he sits down to negotiate the sale of your home? 

REALTOR®’s Quotation: