Prepare and Pre-List

Here’s what you need to gather before we introduce your home to the market. Because, often when the six factors complement each other, a quick sale occurs, you will need to unsure your papers are in order so as not to slow the selling process down.

• Decide what price you would like to ask. Review the information on the reverse and  consider all six factors in this important decision.

 Find a copy of the deed or title insurance papers. Likely, the lawyer who acted on behalf of your original purchase will have any paperwork you may have misplaced. Ensure you have the lawyer’s name.

q Locate your property's existing survey, or, any new one you have obtained since you  purchased the home, (this document will show you lot lines, any easements affecting the property, your home, pool, deck, fencing or additions to the exterior of the home). A survey will likely be requested in the sale of a single family home.

 Your current mortgage documents. Your REALTOR® will need to verify the equity you have in your home. In addition, you may be able to offer an attractive financing option to a first time home buyer.

 The annual property tax amount and other assessments.

 A list of fixtures and appliances to be sold with the house, and their related warranty and operating manuals.

 A list of home improvements (with receipts, if possible) which have added value to your home.

 Average monthly heating/cooling costs (choose February, March, July and August).



Your REALTOR®'s recommendation will be bases upon the six factors discussed thus far: Timing, competition, pricing, condition, financing and marketing. A price suggestion may vary in accordance with some or all of the factors. For instance, as demand increases in your neighbourhood due to market changes, your home may be at the right place at the right time, thus capturing the best case pricing. Or, as the new home development in the neighbourhood breaks ground, your home may become less attractive in terms of what a buyer can purchase, thus capturing the worst case pricing.

                                                                                                                     Work to be done:

Best Case                   $_________________            ____________________________________


Worst Case                $_________________            ____________________________________


Probable                     $_________________           ____________________________________


Suggested List Price  $________________            ____________________________________