The arrival of an offer on your home can be exciting and scary at the same time. First things first, keep a level head. There are four items on the contract that will be of primary interest to you; Price, Terms and Conditions, Inclusions and Closing Date. This is where your REALTOR®’s knowledge, professionalism and expertise come into play.

 The Three Options to Consider:

1. Accept the offer exactly as presented and your home is Sold!

2. Make a Counter Proposal. This means proposing changes to the offer, maybe to the price, the deposit, conditions, inclusions or closing date.

3.  Reject the offer.

This is what will happen:

Your choice in which of the three options to choose (Accept, Counter or Reject) will be effected by the six factors of sale; Timing, Competition, Price, Condition, Financing and Marketing.

  • Your REALTOR® will contact you immediately.
  • Make yourself and all parties required to sign available as soon as possible.
  • Your REALTOR®, the buyer’s REALTOR® and you will be present at the meeting.
  • Your REALTOR® will brief you before the Offer Presentation begins.
  • The Offer to Purchase will be presented by the REALTOR®.
  • Follow your REALTOR®'s lead.
  • Ensure that none of the items you did not want included (your Gramma’s chandelier) have been included in the Agreement.