The fun part begins!  By now, you should have your financing in place and hopefully have selected a REALTOR® to represent you in your purchase.  Both of these are crucial when seriously preparing to buy.  We’ve discussed financing at length, but, have thus far only touched on the selection of your REALTOR®.  The relationship you will build with this individual will often result in your satisfied purchase.  Like any major consideration, it’s probably wise not to make a hasty decision.  The trust level, on both sides, must be strong.  Both of you could waste a whole lot of time if you choose a REALTOR® solely on one factor, so try to make your selection based on the following factors. 

Work Ethic Have your calls or electronic messages been responded to in a reasonable amount of time?  Be reasonable here though.  Often, a REALTOR® will not respond to calls when attending to the needs of a client.

Compatibility  Yes, this relates to how well you ‘click’.  If you don’t trust each other from the start, can you build a trust?  This means, you must put all the cards of the table.  That way, your REALTOR® can begin the process with all the information.  If you hold back pieces, the process will become frustrating and you’ll likely never trust each other.

Expertise Ability does not necessarily relate to years on the job as you likely know from your own work place.  It’s typically a combo package.  Look for someone who demonstrates good listening skills.  True salespeople love to sell.  However, in the information gathering stage, a professional REALTOR® will listen, make notes and re-cap by not only relaying what he heard, but, also advising whether your plan is feasible. 

Once you’ve selected a REALTOR®, they may ask you to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement.  This form solidifies your agreement with each other.  The REALTOR® agrees to work diligently to find your new home and you agree to work exclusively with the REALTOR®.  Realize, a REALTOR® does not get paid unless he has participated in your purchase.

Your Top 10 List may be modified from time to time.  Don’t worry about that.  Your best approach will be to start looking at a variety of home styles within the price range you can afford.  Location will  become a factor.