What Clients are Saying!

"I would and do only recommend the Edwards team of professionals! They were fabulous beyond any realtor I’ve used in the past!!!"
                                                                                                               - R. Hill

"The Edwards team was amazingly helpful in navigating us through the challenge of selling our families home during a challenging time. They were always there to answer questions, even on weekends! (sorry Amy), LoL!

Very fast, friendly and they kept us informed at every turn. Now they feel like family to us and we are forever grateful! Special shout out to Amy, Sherry and Monica, we could not have done this without you.. thank you! Highly recommend this dynamic and hard working team."
                                                                                                               - S. Buscarini

"Sherry & Jamie are much more than just Realtors, they provide valuable "vision".  You might ask why that is necessary to buy or sell?  It is key to know where you are going with your investment, not just what is behind you.  They exude incredible confidence in our decision making when they arm you with VALUE!"
                                                                                                               - R. Oakes

"I work with a lot of different realtors in my line of work and I can tell you that the JM Edwards Team is in the top of its class.  I was continually surprised by their extraordinary efforts and by many value-added services.  Their client portal works like a finely tuned machine that keeps detailed records and gives you every resource you could want as it becomes relevant.  Even well after closing, they have treated me like a VIP client and surpassed even my most demanding expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone and I'm grateful to the whole JM Edwards Team!"                      

                                                                                                               - R. & S. Slade

"Thank you all for creating a win for everyone - our buyer, our sellers, and of course, for us.  We're so impressed by your unflagging attention to both the logistics of buying and selling wisely, and your empathy for all the emotions involved in the process.  It was terrific to come home and see that 'SOLD' addition on your sign.  Wishing all of you the continued success you deserve!"
                                                                                                              - Happy Buyer & Sellers

"Jamie is a very experienced agent that knows his community and the business very well.  He and his agents deserve 5 stars for outstanding service."
                                                                                                              - T. Whitmore

"Jamie and Sherry are exceptional people and their staff were amazing.  They made the process very easy to both sell and buy.  We will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends!"
                                                                                                              - J. Fost

"Best Realtors in town.  Kind, caring, focused on the client."
                                                                                                              - D. Russ

"We have worked with the Edwards Team many times and they have been the best!"
                                                                                                             - R. Dawkins