The Big Day is nearly here! By now, you may be a little overwhelmed by all that happens before the ‘For Sale’ sign even appears on your lawn. And, you may be thinking, “When does the REALTOR®'s job begin?” As you work your way through the stages of sale, you’ll begin to realize that by putting that extra effort in        beforehand, you’ll decrease the time your home is offered to the market, you’ll outshine your competition, you will be price competitive, and your home will be in its best condition. 

Your REALTOR®’s job has already begun. By pre-counseling you, your home should be ready to take to market. Now is the time to review the listing contract. Once signed, you’re on your way! Here are some items your REALTOR® is or may be working on behind the scenes:

  • Locating your survey from your Lawyer
  • Contacting contractors required to complete any small repairs required on your home
  • Measuring your home, taking still and digital photographs (this may include a virtual tour) and noting all the ‘extras’ that stand out against your competition now on the market
  • Preparing your listing contract and related paperwork for listing
  • Reviewing client files to compile potential interested parties in existing data base who may be attracted to your home. Contacting clients to advise when your home may be available to view
  • Preparing Property information sheets, arranging keys, signs and advertising
  • Reviewing with you the Marketing Plans for your home
  • Reviewing appointment showings with you (before your first appointment arrives)
  • Reviewing any changes in the market and competition prior to introduction